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Why Our Roses Are The Best

Hand Selected & Locally Grown

We grow all our roses right here in Paragould. Neal hand selects each rose variety to ensure that the roses will do well in the Northeast Arkansas climate and soil. We get our rose stock bareroot from Weeks Roses.

Ready To Grow in Your Garden

Before a rose goes home with you, we make sure it has a good start including a fertilizer treatment and a proper initial pruning.

Fragrance & Beauty Unmatched

The fragrance, the beauty, the sheer delight of a rose garden is something to behold. Roses can be enjoyed in a garden, in mass or as a potted plant on your patio.

Types Of Roses

Hybrid Teas

Have one large flower bloom per long stem. These plants are medium to tall in height and are good for cutting gardens.


Usually tall in height with clusters of flowers per each long stem. These plants are good for cutting gardens and rose garden backdrops.


Often more compact than Hybrid Teas or Grandifloras. These plants usully have medium size flowers that often bloom in clusters. They are good frontal plants in rose gardens or as an added interest in perennial gardens.


Have long canes that can easily be trained to cover and climb a trellis, fence or wall and vary in bloom size and form.

Tree Roses

More of a form where a rose is grafted to a long trunk transforming the rose into a "tree". These can be used in landscaping, gardens or as a patio plant.

Miniture Roses

Considerably smaller in statue that other roses yest still produce beautiful blooms and lovely foliage. These plants are great as a potted plant or in a rose garden. These make great cutting flowers.

Shrub Roses

Usually a more disease resistant and bushy plant vary both in bloom size and form, are. These plants can come in a variety of height ranges and will work well in a rose garden as well as in landscaping.

Knockout Roses

Not necessarily a class of rose, Knockouts are a noteworthy shrub rose. Fantastic for landscaping, rose gardens and additional interest in perennial beds, these shrub roses are disease resistant and profuse bloomers.

Rose Colors

Red Roses

View Our Red Rose Gallery

Red roses are the most sought after hue in the rose color palette. Red roses can vary from a bright pinkish red to a deep velvety red that is almost black. Red roses symbolize romance and luxury.

Pink, Lavendar, Purple Roses

View Our Pink, Lavendar & Purple Rose Gallery

This rose color pallete bring both the sweetheart and the mysterious members to the rose family. From the soft pinks to the rich deep purples, you can add softness and intrique to your rose garden.

Yellow & Orange Roses

View Our Yellow & Orange Rose Gallery

Yellow roses convey happiness and a sunny feeling. Orange roses add warmth and boldness to your rose garden. The addition of yellow and oranges in your rose garden will add vibrance & warmth with a compatible brightness.

View Our Bi-color Rose Gallery

Some roses just can't be define by one color or bond by convention. These roses give us the novelty that turn a beautiful rose garden into an amazing one. With these amazing color combinations, you can add pizzazz to your garden.

View Our White Rose Gallery

White roses symbolize purity and innocence, but there is nothing humble or demure about these rose garden members. With their clean crisp lines and pure color, they can stand alone or compliment any other color.

View Our Knockout Rose Gallery

With the ability to fit in any landscape, you can plant The Knock Out Family of Roses individually, among shrubs, annuals and perennials as well as in mixed beds and borders. Excellent for mass plantings, they can also be effect as colorful hedges.

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2018 Rose Varieties

Hybrid Teas


  • Sedona - Coral Blend
  • Tropicana - Orange
  • We Salute You - Orange/Pink
  • Fragrant Cloud - Deep Coral Orange
  • Smokin Hot - Dk Orang w/Purple

Pinks & Purples

  • All My Loving - Dark to Lgt Pink
  • Pretty Lady Rose - Dark Even Pink
  • Chicago Peace - Pink/Yellow
  • Neil Diamond - Pink/White
  • Touch Of Class - Coral Pink
  • Blue Girl - Lavender Blue
  • Neptune - Lavender Kissed Purple


  • Chrysler Imperial - Velvety Dark Red
  • Ingrid Bergman - Clear Bright Red
  • Ink Spots - Blackened Velvety Red
  • Lasting Love - Dusky Red
  • Double Delight - Cream Blushing Red
  • Legends - Ruby Red
  • Mister Lincoln - Red
  • Oklahoma - Deep Red
  • Opening Night - Bright Red
  • Perfect Moment - Deep Yellow/ Red Edge
  • Veterans Honor - Red


  • John F. Kennedy - White
  • Pope John Paul II - White
  • Sugar Moon Pure - White


  • Elina - Cream Yellow
  • Happy Go Lucky - Pure Yellow
  • Henry Fonda - Yellow
  • Oregold - Yellow
  • Peace - Creamy Yellow Pink Blush
  • Rio Samba - Yellow/Orange
    St. Patrick - Yellow Gold / Green Shade



  • Anna's Promise - Coral/Pink Blush

Pink & Purples

  • Dick Clark - Cherry Red/Cream
  • Miss Congeniality - White w/Pk Picotee
  • Queen Elizabeth - Clear Pink
  • Fragrant Plum - Lavender Blushing Purple
  • Twilight Zone - Purple


  • Cha Ching - Lemon Yellow
  • Gold Medal - Golden Yellow
  • Good As Gold - Golden Org / Ylw
  • Radiant Perfume - Deep Yellow
  • Strike It Rich - Golden Yellow Spun Pink



  • Cinco de Mayo - Smky Lav - Rusty Org
  • Livin' Easy - Apricot
  • Rosie The Riveter - Orange Gold with Pink
  • Trumpeter - Brilliant Orange Scarlet
  • Vavoom - Orange Juice Orange

Pink / Purples

  • Easy To Please - Fushia w/Light Rev
  • Jump For Joy - Peachy Pink
  • Ebb Tide - Deep Plum Purple
  • Intrigue - Purple
  • Love Song - Clear Lavender
  • Parade Day - Fuchsia Striped White
  • Colorific - Salmon Blushing Scarlet
  • Violet's Pride - Lavender


  • Europeana - Red
  • Frida Kahlo - Scarlet Red Striped Gold
  • Ketchup & Mustard - Red/Ylw
  • Oh My! - Red
  • Scentimental - Red/White


  • Doris Day - Yellow
  • Chihuly - Yellow / Orange
  • Easy Going - Golden Yellow
  • Julia Child - Buttery Yellow
  • Shock Wave - Neon Yellow


  • Easy Spirit - White Cream Base

Tree Roses

Pinks - Purples

  • Ebb Tide 24" Tree - Plum Purple


  • Rainbow's End 18" Tree - Deep Yellow Blush to Orange
  • Doris Day 24" Tree - Pure Golden Yellow
  • Julia Child 24" Tree - Butter Gold


  • Children's Hope 18" Tree -Medium Red
  • Ruby Ruby 18" Tree - Cherry Red
  • Knock Out 36" Tree - Bright Magenta Red
  • Oh My! 36"Tree - Deep Velvet Red


  • Ketchup & Mustard 24" Tree - Red/Yellow Reverse
  • Ketchup & Mustard 36" Tree - Red /Yellow Reverse
  • Burgundy Ice / Ice 2 FER 36" Tree - Purple & White
  • Easy Going / Liv Easy 2 FER 36" Tree - Deep Good / Orange
  • Ebb Tide / Julia Child 2FER 36" Tree - Plum Purple / Butter Ylw



  • Above All - Salmon-Orange
  • Top Of The World - Orange/Yellow
  • Tropical Lightning - Orange w/ Cream Stripe

Pinks & Purples

  • Candy Land - Rosy Pink / Yellow
  • New Dawn - Cameo Pink
  • Cupid's Kisses - Pink w/ White Eye
  • Stormy Weather - Purple/Magenta


  • Don Juan - Deep Velvet Red
  • Lady in Red - Dark Red / Black Tips


  • Joseph's Coat - Multi- Red Orange Yellow
  • Royal Gold Deep Golden Yellow



  • Pink Double Knock Out - Pink


  • Double Knock Out - Red
  • Knock Out - Red
  • Children's Hope - Medium Red
  • Take It Easy - Red w/Lighter Rev
  • Top Gun - Red suffused Burgandy


  • Sunny Knock Out - Yellow
  • Edith's Darling - Soft Apricot Gold

Ground Cover


  • Happy Trails Rainbow - Yellow/Dark Pink
  • Happy Trails Sunshine - Yellow


Yellows / Oranges

  • Cutie Pie - Peach/Yellow
  • Hot and Sassy - Smokey Dk Orange Ylw Eye
  • Rainbow's End - Deep Yellow Blush to Org
  • Smoke Rings - Orange w/ Smoke Purple Brdr

Reds / Pinks / Bicolors

  • Ruby Ruby - Cherry Red
  • Be My Baby - Incandescent Pink
  • Coffee Bean - Rust and Smoke Bicolor
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