DIYers: Sam and Jerica

Landscaping Baseball Style

Every Do-It-Yourself landscape project needs a source of inspiration. DIYers Sam and Jerica drew theirs from an unlikely source - baseball. The ultimate Texas Rangers fans decided their landscape should be a symbol of their love for not only the sport but for an awesome team. GO RANGERS!

So how did they accomplish this task? With the help of Adams Nursery, they choose plants that together would display the Texas Ranger colors: Red, White and Blue.

For the red, they used a red Japanese Maple as the focal point in the large rectangular bed leading up to their front door. In front of their house they used Home Run Roses to add a splash of red.

In the rectangular bed they also used white Encore Azaleas and wonderful little blue annual called lobelia.

Jerica and Sam proved that with a little hard work and determination, you can create an inspiring landscape. 

Way to go Sam and Jerica!