This Crescent container is filled with blue Wave Petunias and l	Talinum Limon.  These potted flowers love full sun and are constant bloomers.

No Yard - No Problem - Container Gardening

Small yards and apartment living can create unique gardening opprotunites.  Don't let limited space keep you from enjoying flowers, plants and trees in your own outdoor space.

Potted plants and patio trees can turn a blah area into an intimate setting. A splash of color in a window box filled with flowers can take a harsh wall and make it warm and inviting.


We love "Do It Yourself" gardeners.  After all, get your hands dirty, planting and designing your own potted plants is the best part of container gardening. 

Adams Nursery has everything you need to "Do It Yourself".  Chose your container from our collection of glaze, terra or Crescent pottery.  Then fill it with our special potting soil - perfect for potted plants and flowers.  And best of all, you can select your signature flower or plant from the homegrown flowers and hand picked shrubs right here at Adams Nursery.

We Do All The Work

Love the thought of potted plants, but not sure what to plant or how to do it.  Not a problem. We will do all the work for you. 

Mrs. Betty and Mrs. Rita plant and design a multitude of flowers and plants in a variety of containers, so you don't have to.  Whether you need a little pot filled with flowers for your patio table or a large pot filled with tropical plants for around your pool, we have what you need.

Our greenhouses are filled with pre-potted flowers. Just pop in and take one or two home.  Gardening has never been easier.  **Not sure what potted plant will work for you? Ask our staff.  They can help you select the right plant for your space.**