Adams Nursery & Landscaping has a sandy loam top soil in bulk. Sold by the 1/2 cu yd scoop, this soil is great for landscaping and gardens.

What We Have

  • Bulk Top Soil - sold by the tractor scoop equal to 1/2 cu yd. A good sandy loam great for gardens and landscaping.
  • Top Soil - 40LB Bag equal to 1 cu ft.
  • General Purpose Potting Soil - 40LB Bag equal to 1 cu ft.
  • Humus - 40LB Bag equal to 1 cu ft.
  • Organic Cow Manure - 40LB Bag equal to 1 cu ft.
  • Soil Conditioner - 3 cu ft Bag
  • Hydrate Lime
  • Peletized Lime
  • and a variety of other soil amendments



Fertilome - The Soil Solution For All your Growing Needs

Fantastic soil for containers, gardens, flowers, tropicals and more.
Fertilome's Ultimate Potting Mix is an all-purpose performer. We recommend this soil to customers because it contains everything necessary to grow most indoor and outdoor plants. In fact, we use it to grow all the plants in our greenhouses. Whether we are using it for seed germination, hanging baskets or containers, this soil helps us grow beautiful high-quality plants. For our customer's convenience we carry this soil in three sizes: 3 cu ft, 50qt and 8qt.
This coarse mix with granite sand and extra perlite, duplicates conditions found in an arid environment.
Ferti-lome Cactus Mix is a real stand-out for versatility when it comes to performing well with plant that require a more arid environment. The coarse mix of granite sand and extra perlite in this mix duplicates the soil of the natural setting for cactus and some succulents. For cactus lovers this soil is a must. We stock a 4qt bag.
Perfect soil blend for Africa violets.
This Fertilome mix is specially formulated with a peat blend that provides good air capacity and waterretention crucial for growing African Violets. While excellent for growing African Violets, this is an excellent mix for all the plants of the Gesneriad family such as Streptocarpus, Episcias and Gloxinias. We carry this soil in a 4qt size.
Soil blended specifically for Orchids.
Soil blended specifically for propagation of new plants.
Fertilome Charcoal
Fertilome Perlite
Fertilome Vermiculite