One of two bulk mulches sold at Adams Nursery & Landscaping in Paragould, AR.  This black mulch is sold by the 1/2 cu yd scoop.

Flavors of Mulch

Bulk Mulch - sold by the tractor scoop - equal to 1/2 cu yd

  • Brown Hardwood
  • Painted Black Hardwood

Mulch By The Bag

  • Red 2cuft bag
  • Brown Hardwood - 2cuft bag
  • Black Hardwood - 1.5cuft bag
  • Pine 2cuft bag
  • Cypress 2cuft bag
Adams Nursery & Landscaping sells brown hardwood mulch in bulk and by the bag.

Why Mulch Is Beneficial

Mulch helps the soil retain moisture during time of drought, yet it allows excess water to evaporate.

As the mulch breaks down, it add organic matter to the soil, thus creating a better environment for your plants.

Mulch combined with a pre-emrge can effectively keep weeks out of your landscaping.

Whether you use black, brown, red, hardwood, pine or cypress mulch, make sure you mulch your beds at least once a year.