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Cooking Chicken with Fresh Herbs
Pan Fried Chicken With Fresh Herbs

Chicken Prepared With Fresh Herbs

We grown many different kinds of plants here at the nursery, but Jamie's favorite happen to be the herbs. At one time or another, she has grown every herb we sell.

I think she likes the herbs best because she knows I love to cook with fresh herbs. Of course she benefits from this greatly since it inspires me to cook and therefore she doesn't have to.

Last year she added French Tarragon to her herb garden. So a few nights back she asked me to create a meal using it. The picture you see shows the meal I prepared. It is a pan-fried Breast of Chicken with fresh herbs and a side of Swiss Chard.  For the Swiss Chard Recipe go to my post on How to Grow and Use Swiss Chard.

Pan-Fried Breast of Chicken with Fresh Herbs  (makes 2 servings)

What you will need:

1 Large Boneless Chicken Breast filleted in half.

1 Tbl Fresh chopped French Tarragon (several stems)

1 Tbl Chooped Parsley (several leaves)  I like flat-leaf Italian the best , but curly works work.

1/2 Tbl Lemon Thyme (several stems - be sure to remove leaves from the tough stems)

1 Tbl Italian (Genovese) Basil (several leaves)

1 large clove of garlic coarsely chopped.

1/2 - 1 Tbl Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mix herbs and garlic together in a small bowl. 

Fillet the chicken then lightly salt and pepper the chicken halves. Sprinkle the chicken with the herb mixture - be sure to pat the herbs on the chicken.

Pour 1/2 Tbl of the EVOO into a saute pan over low to med heat. Once the oil is warm place the chicken in the saute pan and cook 6-7 minutes per side. If the oil begins to smoke reduce the heat. 

Serve the chicken with the side of your choice and garnish with the fresh herbs.


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