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Chicken Prepared With Fresh Herbs May 20, 2014 »

We grown many different kinds of plants here at the nursery, but Jamie's favorite happen to be the herbs. At one time or another, she has grown every herb we sell.

I think she likes the herbs best because she knows I love to cook with fresh herbs. Of course she benefits from this greatly since it inspires me to cook and therefore she doesn't have to.

Last year she added French Tarragon to her herb garden. So a few nights back she asked me to create a meal using it. The picture you see shows…

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How to Grow and Use Swiss Chard Aug 19, 2013 »

Swiss Chard is one of my favorite vegetables. Over the years it has been my pleasure to introduce the value and benefits of Swiss Chard to interested gardeners in our area. 

Today, I would like to share that information with you.

So you might wonder, what is Swiss Chard? Beta vulgaris (Swiss Chard)  is a leafy green vegetable  high in vitamins  A, K and C. It is used often in Mediterranean cooking. Jamie and I love Mediterranean cooking and leafy greens which makes this a perfect…

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